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Ekal: Energy, Power, Solace | Premium Hand-Painted Lamp

Size: 7 IN * 5 IN
₹1,899 ₹2,350 (19% OFF)

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Product details

Ekal is more than just a lamp - it's a statement piece. Featuring an abstract design of a featureless face, it exudes a dark yet powerful energy and depth. With its sleek and modern cuboidal shape, this lamp is perfect for adding a touch of contemporary style to any room in your home. Whether you need a reading light or simply want to create a relaxing ambiance, Ekal is the perfect choice.

Note: The designs are independent of the size of the lamp. Feel free to choose the size that works best for your home! The picture shows a 16in x 5in version.



Premium Cotton-Polyester Blend

Sizes (Height x Width)

7in x 5in, 10in x 5in, 16in x 5in (In Pictures)



Design Featureless Face
Lighting Options With or Without a 5W LED
Maintenance Dry-Dusting Only
Comes With Lighting Cord (2.25 meters), E-27 LED Holder pre-installed


Experience the power and depth of Ekal's abstract art design with this striking cuboidal lamp. Add a touch of mystery to your home decor.

Disclaimer: The lamps are painted by hand and hence are never 100% identical to what you see. 

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