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Shiv: Mahdev on a blue backdrop | Premium Hand-Painted Lamp

Size: 7in x 5in
₹1,899 ₹2,350 (19% OFF)

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The painting on this cylindrical lamp depicts Lord Shiva in a dark and powerful manner. As the destroyer and transformer in Hindu mythology, Shiva's depiction in this lamp symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and the power of transformation. Add this stunning piece to your home and feel the presence of divinity in your space.

Note: The designs are independent of the size of the lamp. Feel free to choose the size that works best for your home! The picture shows a 16in x 5in version.



Premium Cotton-Polyester Blend

Sizes (Height x Width)

7in x 5in, 10in x 6in, 16in x 5in (In Pictures)



Design Mahadev on a blue backdrop
Lighting Options With or Without a 5W LED
Maintenance Dry-Dusting Only
Comes With Lighting Cord (2.25 meters), E-27 LED Holder pre-installed


Embrace the divine energy and add a touch of spirituality to your home with Shiv. Order now and experience the power of this ancient symbol in your space.

Disclaimer: The lamps are painted by hand and hence are never 100% identical to what you see. 

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